Help Your Parents Choose The Retirement Village That Best Suits Them

We are visited by many adult children who want to ensure that their aging parents receive the best care, and through these interactions have learned that they have many questions and concerns in common.

You deserve the peace of mind that your parents will be well cared for, and that they will be treated with  dignity, respect and compassion. So, if you are in the process of helping your parent(s) make the right decision regarding their future, here are just some of the most important questions you may want to ask when visiting a potential retirement village:

  • Safety: In addition to the established safety and security protocols (including patrols, panic buttons, access control and emergency response), also ask about the preventative measures that are in place to prevent residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia from wandering away from the property.
  • Healthcare: How is each resident’s healthcare managed? What happens in case of a medical emergency? How long can a resident be cared for in their own home? How are additional medical services paid for, and how is this managed? Who is the estate’s primary medical care provider? Is there a care team on-site, 24/7?
  • Carer Policy: If your parent already has a live-in carer prior to moving to the retirement village, will this carer be able to move to the village too?
  • Additional Care: What other care options are provided on-site, including recuperative care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and palliative care.
  • Meals: How many meals are included in the monthly levy? What do residents eat, and who looks after the retirement village’s catering? And are residents required to follow a specific schedule in terms of meal times, or will their personal routines be honoured?
  • Maintenance: Ask about estate and garden maintenance and upkeep, as well as house cleaning services.
  • Activities: How does the retirement village care for its residents’ mental and social well-being? Ask about the activities and events that will be on offer, and how your parents’ particular interests can be incorporated.
  • Family-friendly: May residents receive visitors, e.g. grandchildren, who stay over in their unit?
  • Transport: Is transport provided to residents, and does this come at an extra cost?
  • Financial Emergency: What happens if a resident faces a financial emergency, e.g. if their retirement funds are unexpectedly depleted?

Chatting to one’s ageing parents about their retirement plans can be hard, and is often made even more complicated when you live in another city, country or on another continent.

The good news is that technology makes communication much easier. If you want to be a part of your parents’ journey of  choosing the retirement village that best suits their lifestyle, current and potential medical needs, and budget, you can always request a private, virtual consultation or ask to dial into your parents’ meeting to ask additional questions for your own peace of mind.

At Great Oaks Retirement Village, we welcome children who want to accompany their parents to make sure that they make the right decision, and encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to ensure that your parents will receive the best care in a community where they will thrive. You can also help your parents prepare for this visit by encouraging them to bring questions of their own

Email us at info@constantialife.com or call / Whatsapp our team on 073 119 9999 to discuss your parents’ needs and see if Great Oaks Retirement Village will be a good fit. Construction is underway and the village will open for occupancy in February 2024.

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