Holistic Memory Care

As no two people with memory loss are the same, it makes sense that there shouldn’t be a standardised, cookie-cutter approach to memory care. 

In fact, meeting the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of each individual will go a long way to maximise their well-being and enhance their day to day living, while also offering them the best chance at a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Through utilising a collaborative care approach by getting to know residents and working with their loved ones, one is able to tailor holistic care plans to suit individual needs. 

Holistic care benefits

Add to that a host of therapeutic interventions like art, reminiscence and pet therapy,  this approach has a range of benefits for those living with memory loss – no matter the stage they are currently living in – including: 

  • Increased happiness: Person-centered care means getting to know a resident, and understanding what they love and how they are motivated. This personal connection adds to increased joy. 
  • Increased independence: Knowing and understanding the needs of each resident means that caregivers can encourage them to do as much as they can on their own – giving them the drive, courage and boost in self-esteem needed to try new things or focus on beloved hobbies again.
  • The possibility of decreased dependency on medicine: Residents who are fulfilled and engaged and who feel relaxed and secure in themselves and their surroundings may not rely on medication as much as others. 

A first of its kind in SA

At Great Oaks, choice, respect, dignity and purpose form the cornerstones of our care philosophy. The focus will be on the person, not the condition, and services and interventions will be fueled by what we learn about an individual patient.

The memory care service to be offered within the Great Oaks retirement community is therefore purposefully designed and groundbreaking as the first of its kind in South Africa.

Safe, adaptive and communal living spaces, colour-coded aids, and enriching therapeutic interventions invite interaction and enhance a homely feel, while specialised and committed nursing staff will offer world class person-centered care, 24 hours a day.

Read more about the Great Oaks specialist healthcare offering, and contact us on 073 119 9999 to chat about our holistic approach to memory care.

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