Moving to a Retirement Village? 10 Ways to Prepare

You have made the decision, done your research, secured your retirement cottage or apartment, and you are on your way to move to a retirement community.

But moving – at any age – is one of the greatest stressors of life, which is why preparation is key to a smoother relocation process.  Here is  a handy check-list to prepare you for your upcoming move, starting today…

Review your finances: Chances are you have already done all the financial groundwork before purchasing your retirement unit. But the importance of constantly evaluating your finances cannot be underestimated.  Chat to your personal wealth manager about the current state of your broader financial portfolio to make sure you can cover your immediate, future, and any unexpected needs.

Get organised:  Organise your paperwork – including your medical records, financial documents and will – before you move. 

Update your address: Contact your bank, mobile service provider, insurer and anywhere you may receive bills or correspondence from, to update your postal and residential address. 

Cancel / relocate your landline: If you have a landline, remember to have it cancelled and apply for a relocation at the same time. This process can take up to 6 weeks, so doing this two months before your move will be wise.

Visit your retirement village: If you are moving to an established retirement community, make an appointment to chat to the management and care teams, as well as some of the residents. If your move coincides with the official opening of a retirement development, chat to the sales / management team to see if there will be an orientation session for new residents where you can meet the extended team and your new neighbours.

Plan your space: Create a plan to help you visualise how your furniture will fit into your new space.

Downsize & declutter: Start the downsizing and decluttering process early . While this is essential if you are about to move into a smaller space, curating what you want to move with will simplify the ultimate packing process. You can also involve your children or close friends and relatives for added emotional support.

Book a moving company: Hire a reputable company to help you with the move. The options are endless and many offer added services like packing and creating an inventory of your belongings. Decide what level of service you need before you decide on a service provider.

Start integrating: New to the area? Moving from out of town? Whether you love playing bridge or golf, or are still running marathons, start integrating from afar by signing up to local groups that share your interests.

Register to vote: It’s always the last thing on the list and the easiest forgotten, until it is election day and you realise you never registered your new address. Visit the IEC website to update your address.

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