Retirement Community Benefits

If you’ve started thinking about retirement, you may already be considering the benefits of living in a retirement community instead of simply scaling down to a smaller home. 

Retirement communities take on many forms. Your budget, lifestyle and changing needs as you get older will be important factors in your decision making process. 

There’s no denying, however, that retirement community living has numerous benefits. Have a look at some of the top reasons to choose retirement community living, and discover how Great Oaks Retirement Village fits the bill…

1. Hassle-free living

A retirement community can provide the low-maintenance, hassle-free lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of – free of the responsibility to maintain a garden, manage your home security, or drive to the doctor for a check-up. 

Hassle-free, luxury living at Great Oaks: Whether you want full-service garden care, or just the basics if you love pottering around in the soil, we have you covered. There is a concierge service that will look after your bookings and reservations, you can tailor-make your dining needs (10 meals are already included in your levy), while our world-class medical care facility will ensure that all your healthcare needs are taken care of right down to medical aid pre-approvals.

2. Independent lifestyle

Most retirement communities promote independent living and control of your personal schedule, for as long as you can. And unless you need extra support or are keen to participate in group activities, events and outings, you can go about your life and enjoy your routines and hobbies as normal.

Age In Place at Great Oaks: The entire retirement village – from cottages and apartments, to the roads and facilities – is thoughtfully and purposefully designed to support independent senior living. Cottage and apartment fittings support ease of access, and can even be adapted to suit your changing needs (e.g. if you need to start using a wheelchair).

3. Access to healthcare

Retirement village residents enjoy access to healthcare facilities with nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and more. Most villages offer a full spectrum of healthcare, including frail care. As these services differ from one village to the other, it is important to do your research and ask the sales team about the healthcare offering .

Great Oaks offers person-centered healthcare on a menu basis, based on your individual needs: At Great Oaks, the unique healthcare needs of each resident are taken into account, and we work closely with residents and their families to ensure quality and appropriate care. We will offer primary health care services, tailor-made home-based care and specialised frail and memory care. And in most instances, residents will continue to receive this specialised care in the comfort of their homes.

4. Security

Most retirement communities offer great onsite security to ensure the safety of their residents and staff, including on- and offsite monitoring, access control and security patrols. The level of security ranges from basic to advanced, depending on the retirement village you visit. Ask the sales team for more details. 

You’ll be safe and secure at Great Oaks – even when you’re not onsite: In addition to the estate’s state of the art security, Great Oaks takes it one step further with 24-hour assistance – giving you access to medical care and armed response at the push of a button, even when you are out and about.

5. A sense of community and access to a vibrant social life

While we all love to have privacy, it is great to know what one has access to events and activities with a community of like minded individuals. A retirement community offers just that, and many will organise voluntary social activities and outings to help residents get to know one another and form neighbourly bonds. 

Great Oaks residents will lead the way: We will work closely with all residents to create suitable events, excursions and social clubs when we open our doors. Meanwhile, our ladies’ bar and restaurant will be a great place to host friends and exchange ideas over an afternoon drink.

6. Meals are included

Most retirement villages include meals as part of their offering, which takes the stress out of having to decide what to cook for dinner. It is also particularly beneficial to those residents who  no longer wish to cook nutritious meals for themselves. Remember to ask your chosen retirement village how they manage their meals and mealtimes.  

Great Oaks promotes a healthy food – healthy body & mind philosophy: The resident’s levy already includes 10 meals per month, but residents will have the option to include  more meals. Residents will also not be obliged to eat in the restaurant; those residents craving some privacy or who don’t feel well on a particular day may ask to have their meals delivered to their cottage or apartment.  Residents may also select a meals from the restaurant’s ala carte menu. 

7. Service at your fingertips

Most retirement villages offer a selection of add-on services – from laundry to housekeeping – that can be requested at an additional cost. Your monthly levy already includes many of these services (like garden service and healthcare). These are all carefully curated to make your life easier and your senior living an enjoyable one. 

Only pay for what you want at Great Oaks: Need help with your laundry? Fancy some assistance with housekeeping? Want more meals so you don’t have to worry about cooking? Each resident’s needs will be catered for through these add-on services, while our concierge service – included in the levy – will help you with your bookings and excursions.

8. Transportation services

Tired of driving around on our busy roads? Most retirement communities offer a transportation service.

Great Oaks will look after you and your guests: From a minibus safely transporting residents as needed, to a golf cart that will transport your guests from their parking to your door… you don’t have to hang up the keys just yet, but we will make it easier to get around when you don’t feel like getting behind the wheel.

9. Trained staff

Retirement villages employ well-trained staff – from dining to housekeeping to nursing – to ensure that you receive the care you need, no matter the time of day.

Great Oaks places a premium on world-class customer care: Residents are people with unique needs. Our medical care is therefore managed by Medwell SA, who will also manage any private caregivers to ensure world-class care and safety. Our memory care centre is designed by experts in the field, and will be staffed by highly trained and passionate personnel.  

Remember, retirement villages and their offerings differ. Visit the villages you are interested in to see if their unique benefits match your individual needs. 

Great Oaks Retirement Village offers a luxury lifestyle with a world-class essential healthcare service attached.

Discover why retirement community living in Constantia, Cape Town, is a sound investment. Book your private consultation at info@constantialife.com or 073 119 9999.

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