A Social Retirement

Why A Thriving Retirement Community Places Equal Emphasis On Physical And Emotional Wellness

At Great Oaks Retirement Village, we take great pride in our unique bouquet of world-class medical care. But we also believe that a vibrant community and social life are crucial to our residents’ physical and emotional well-being.

That’s why our community will extend beyond our residents, but to include friends and family.

We want your nearest and dearest to be a part of our extended family.


  • Sunday afternoon soirees in our park
  • Early morning group walks in Groot Constantia Wine Estate
  • Art classes with a glass of wine in hand
  • Bridge challenges for our competitive players
  • Jazz events in our ladies bar 
  • Glühwein in front of a crackling fire
  • A delicious Sunday lunch with friends and family

Want to enjoy a social event with your loved ones off the property? Our transport service will take you where you want to go. 

A sustainable and thriving retirement village is about more than just offering quality medical care. Through embracing the social and community aspect of retirement village life, residents get to enjoy a well-rounded experience with whole-person wellness at its core.

Great Oaks Retirement Village is purposefully designed to encourage a sense of community and belonging with many opportunities for social connection, and we look forward to welcoming you (and your loved ones) to the Great Oaks family.

Call us on 073 119 9999 or email us at info@constantialife.com to chat about your retirement options, and how you will thrive within a retirement community that places equal emphasis on your long-term physical, emotional and social wellness.

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